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Viewing entries posted in June 2014

Yo Tim Henwood
26 June 2014


Yo - an app so deceptively simple it is regularly dismissed as stupid or pointless - has been headlining the web’s tech news pages recently. For those that aren’t up to speed, Yo allows you to send a one-word message to friends who you have added on Yo. (Guess what that one word message is!)

Supporting Connect Smart Charles Mabbett
16 June 2014

Connect Smart Logo resized

This week is Connect Smart week. That means you will see and hear about a number of initiatives that underline the need to be cyber-savvy and for people to do more to protect themselves online. The internet is home to networked convenience and fast information but it is also where identity theft, fraud and other kinds of nefarious things happen.

Keeping a low profile Daimhin Warner
12 June 2014

profile engine edit

Profile Engine hasn’t breached the law, but it might remind you to keep your info on lock down. “What you do online has consequences”. “The internet never forgets”. “Once it’s public, it’s anyone’s”. We’re sure you’re all tired of hearing these warnings. But, they’re quite true.

Hi, I’m your Facebook friend Charles Mabbett
11 June 2014

facebookfriend edit2

If two YouTube videos constitute a trend, then these two demonstrate how people need more reminders about the dangers of having loose privacy settings when posting personal information on Facebook and their other social media profiles.

Your notes, they were blowin’ in the wind Daimhin Warner
5 June 2014

briefcase edit 4

Would you stuff your wheelie bin with letters from your GP, bank statements, your latest pay review notice? Surely not. Who knows where it would end up, if indeed it made it off the street.

Dear Peta John Edwards
3 June 2014


I enjoy reading Peta Mathias’ weekly advice column. Her advice is practical, pragmatic and witty on subjects ranging from moving on after a relationship to getting cling wrap to adhere to pottery.