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Viewing entries posted in July 2015

Predicting risk without turning children into ‘lab rats’ Octavia Palmer
31 July 2015

lab ras

Predictive risk modelling (PRM) is a hot privacy topic. The neglect and abuse of children is a social issue that has understandably galvanised public interest, the news media and government agencies. One of the ways the government is considering tackling this high priority issue is by using computer programs that make predictions about the levels of risk to a child.

Leaving no child left unmined? Octavia Palmer
29 July 2015


Here's a question that many school administrators, boards of trustees, parents and teachers across the country are currently grappling with: how to protect student privacy and still take advantage of new internet-connected education technology, increasingly known as EduTech?

NetHui and the Internet of Things Tim Henwood
21 July 2015

Nethui white

The Internet of Things presents the internet-connected world with boundless possibility, but it also presents risks that we haven’t even considered yet. A recent Guardian article included the quote: “The scariest thing is that we don’t know what the scariest thing is”.

Dealing effectively with online cries for help Octavia Palmer
20 July 2015

traffic sign 6729

“A lot of you cared, just not enough” - Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why. Hannah, the subject of Jay Asher’s young-adult novel, commits suicide. Before she killed herself, she left an anonymous note for her teacher saying she was considering suicide. As the note was anonymous, the faculty did not take it seriously.

Customs, passwords and smartphones (oh my!) Tim Henwood
14 July 2015


There’s been a bit of murmuring on Twitter over the past couple of days because of this news story:

Toolkit helps assess your privacy impact Sam Grover
10 July 2015

assessment slaneconz

You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s an often-overused adage, but certainly rings true when it comes to privacy.

Closing revenge porn loopholes Sam Grover
9 July 2015

HDCA image

When Cardiff man Clayton Kennedy posted an intimate photo of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, he probably wasn’t thinking about the legalities of his situation. If he had, he (hopefully) would have thought twice, because this week he was given the dubious honour of being the first person to be sentenced under Britain’s new “revenge porn” laws.

Droning on drones Sam Grover
6 July 2015


The ongoing adoption of drone technology creates a number of new questions about privacy. To this end, we recently completed our first drone-related investigation. We’re confident it won’t be the last.