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Viewing entries posted in January 2016

Tinder, public shame and private affairs Sam Grover
28 January 2016

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Usually, peoples’ personal relationships aren’t our concern, but a story that ran yesterday caught our attention.

Staying safe online in 2016 Becci Whitton
27 January 2016

common buzzard

Does working at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner make you paranoid? Well, it’s not quite that bad, but a New Zealand Herald article about cybercrime and identity theft prompted me to think about the number of my online profiles that use, or are linked to, my real identity.

Privacy and the Kiwi summer holiday Joy Liddicoat
19 January 2016

beach holiday

As the working year gets underway, I’m holding on to that summer feeling of long hot days by the beach, walks in the bush, swims in the river, kayaking in the surf and enjoying fresh fish and new season corn for dinner. Far from city life, with few people around and everyone pretty relaxed, you could be forgiven for thinking you don’t need to worry about your privacy, especially privacy online.

Privacy rights of Christmas Island deportees Charles Mabbett
19 January 2016

Christmas island

The ongoing issue of New Zealand citizens with criminal records being deported from Australia has prompted questions as to what their privacy rights are under Australian law and whether they can access those rights from New Zealand.

Privacy proposals for the digital age Blair Stewart
14 January 2016

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The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 at much the same time that final drafting touches were being made to a privacy bill to be introduced to New Zealand’s Parliament. By 1993, when the Privacy Act was finally enacted, there were – wait for it – an estimated 15 million users of the Internet worldwide. That same year, according to Down to the Wire, Nat Torkington created New Zealand’s first ‘real web site’.

The value of a phone call Hayley Forrest
12 January 2016

Phone image

Digital communication is ubiquitous: a hair salon sends you text messages reminding you of appointments; movie tickets are booked through apps on your phone – and you wave a card in the air to pay for groceries. Our expectations might be that our health records can be also be swiftly and easily transferred.