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Viewing entries posted in April 2016

WIPNZ: Less trust in companies, more in government Charles Mabbett
26 April 2016


Online privacy is a big area of concern. We know it and, according to the latest World Internet Project New Zealand research on Internet use in New Zealand, the public is aware of it and worries more about online tracking by companies than by the government.

Secure email for health information Sebastian Morgan-Lynch
19 April 2016


Fast, accurate and complete information flows in the health sector are vital for all of us. If your doctor doesn’t have a particular test result, prescription or diagnosis, it might endanger your safety or even your life. Because of this, medical communication systems have tended to prioritise simplicity and speed over innovation and security. 

Some direction on school directories Sam Grover
18 April 2016

School blog image

If you’re not familiar with school directories, here’s how they work: at the beginning of a school year, some schools publish directories with contact details for each student and his/her parents. That directory is then distributed to each parent. Parents who need to contact one another how have a directory to aid them in doing so. Easy.

Tackling revenge porn Hayley Forrest
15 April 2016


Like all 90’s kids, my worst nightmare used to be that I’d forget to save my level progress in Zool. It’s safe to say that my perception has changed since then.

Can I tell someone if I’m worried about a child? Becci Whitton
1 April 2016

American Robin

I visited my small home town for the first time in a long while over the Easter weekend. This meant having a lot of conversations that started with, “so, where are you working these days?” I would then explain the work that we do here at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and was pleasantly surprised by how interested most people were in privacy issues!