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Viewing entries posted in May 2016

Health info: The right to know made easy Marilyn Andrew
31 May 2016

Dont Hide Your Shame Paul Holmes

Mrs Patel was outraged. She’d visited her GP for a follow-up check after her hand surgery, and he’d asked her about her history of depression. She didn’t think she’d had anything of the sort, and decided to ask the receptionist for a copy of all her medical notes to see what else was in there. The young receptionist assured her that the doctor owned the notes so she couldn’t have them. 

Going undercover to check out credit reporters Vanya Vida
27 May 2016

Ask for your information cropped

There are three main credit reporting agencies in New Zealand: Centrix, Veda and Dun & Bradstreet. According to Veda, a thousand people a year challenge the information held in their credit files. This is a right people have under the Privacy Act – to see information agencies hold about them, and request a correction if it’s wrong.

Changing Customs Tim Henwood
20 May 2016

Customs blog image

In 1996, the Customs Act was passed. This Act gave front line officers their powers to protect our borders, including powers to search people when they cross the border.

Offering guidance through advisory opinions John Edwards
19 May 2016


Today we’re issuing a policy on giving “Advisory Opinions”. For agencies unsure of what they can and can’t do with personal information under the Privacy Act, we might be prepared to commit, in advance, to advising how we’d look at the issue.

Whois Tim Henwood
17 May 2016

WHOIS database

In 2012, Wired writer Mat Honan had his entire online life hacked. His Apple ID password was reset. His Gmail password was reset. His Twitter password was reset. His iPhone, iPad and MacBook were all remotely wiped using Apple’s “Find My” tool – the tool that locates and gives remote access to your various iDevices.

Right to Know Day -- about you, about me Sam Grover
11 May 2016

OPC AboutMe logo

Today we’re pleased to celebrate Right to Know Day by releasing a new online tool – AboutMe. AboutMe is a tool designed to help people request their personal information from agencies. The tool asks people for the key details that are required, then drafts a standardised email based on the responses.

What do New Zealanders think of data portability Blair Stewart
10 May 2016


Should consumers have a right to demand the transfer of their personal information from one online provider to another of their choice? The Privacy Commissioner this week released survey results that showed a majority (56 percent) of New Zealanders consider the ability to transfer personal information between social network or cloud services as important or very important.

What are you doing for Privacy Week? Sam Grover
3 May 2016

Privacy Week 2016 small logo

Privacy Week is right around the corner! As you may have seen, we have a pretty busy lineup of activity planned, from privacy forums in Auckland and Wellington, privacy artwork, New Zealand’s  first Right to Know Day and more.