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Viewing entries posted in July 2016

Data breach lessons for website owners Neil Sanson
20 July 2016

Wasp morphology

Online client portals can be great for customer service. They can be constantly updated, improved and extended. This flexibility is delivered by a complex collection of software and, unfortunately, complexity easily gives rise to difficulties. The impact of these difficulties can, however, be minimised if you take steps to avoid problems occurring, or respond quickly to them.

Pokémon a gogo Charles Mabbett
13 July 2016


Why was the SIS agent playing Pokémon Go? Because he wanted to Pikachu. Joking aside, the Pokémon Go app is proving to be an incredible phenomenon driven by children and adults alike. But it hasn’t taken long for claims the app was also dangerous because of the amount of personal information it sought access to when users installed it on their smartphones.

Parents' right to know: Children's right to privacy Charles Mabbett
8 July 2016


As parents, we expect to be told everything about our infants when we take them to the doctor. The same with our toddlers. By the time they get to their teens, it gets a little more complicated. Should parents have the right to know about all about their under 16-year-old’s healthcare?

Making stronger passwords Charles Mabbett
5 July 2016

hulk by ablackinkartist d7vvbwf

If ‘open sesame’ was a password, just remember how in the tale of Ali Baba it didn’t work out so well for the 40 thieves and their treasure trove. Consider then how well an easy-to-guess password will protect yours.

Haere mai ki te wiki o te Reo John Edwards
4 July 2016

kina edit

It’s Māori Language Week and Matariki, and long past time for a post about Māori and privacy.