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Facebook: What this is really about John Edwards
3 April 2018


The following is the Privacy Commissioner’s response to a post by Facebook’s Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Stephen Deadman on the Commissioner’s finding that Facebook has failed to comply with its obligations under the New Zealand Privacy Act. For those who, like the Commissioner, have deleted or otherwise do not have access to Facebook, Mr Deadman’s post is pasted below.

Why I deleted Facebook John Edwards
3 April 2018

John Edwards email edit

I’ve been on Facebook for nearly 10 years. I wasn’t that keen on it at first, as I kept getting pestered by digital agriculturalists using the needy Farmville game.

Welcoming the Privacy Bill John Edwards
20 March 2018

The Beehive in June 2012

We are very excited about today’s introduction of a new Privacy Bill. The Bill will modernise the 25 year old Privacy Act and implement many of the changes recommended by the Law Commission in 2011.

Privacy Act turns 25 Charles Mabbett
19 February 2018

Best logo 100mm x 100mm PC 25Y Over 25mm RGB

This year we mark a milestone in privacy law in New Zealand. On 5 May 1993, the Privacy Act was passed in Parliament with the complete support of the country’s political parties.

Trust but verify Charles Mabbett
7 November 2017


What’s in a trust mark? In general, a trust mark is a symbol that tells consumers that the product or service they are considering buying or subscribing to is reliable and trustworthy. Trust marks are created by industry or watchdog organisations to reassure customers about the quality or protection that comes with a product or service.

A new approach to information sharing - our Trusted Sharing Consultancy Service John Edwards
20 December 2016

our services

For 20 years, I practiced law offering, among other things, a specialty in “information and privacy law”. Clients would come to me and say “we are thinking about doing X; Is that allowed under the Privacy Act?” My response was almost always “don’t ask me if you can do X, ask me how can we do X”.

Why you won't get a legal "opinion" from Enquiries Karin Carter
11 October 2016

the law

Callers to our Enquiries service often start with “I need some legal advice”. If the caller means guidance on his or her Privacy Act rights or the obligations of an agency, then we can help. But if by “legal advice” he or she means a legal “opinion” about how the Privacy Act might apply, then this is something our Enquiries service can’t do.

Blind transparency Neil Sanson
13 September 2016


If you have other people’s personal information, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. There are many reasons why you need to keep that information secure. Here’s one recent example of how careless disclosure can put people at risk.