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Making apps that don't suck too much Charles Mabbett
1 August 2014

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Apps can be convenient and fun to use. It is a world of incredible choice but one that also sets off privacy alarm bells. When a New Zealand news media organisation upgraded its app for Android phones earlier this year, one person was concerned enough to contact us.

Apps - what you need to know Tim Henwood
9 July 2014


Over the past couple of weeks we’ve used our blog to look at the importance of checking an app out before you download it and paying attention to the information the app can access on your phone.

Google app store changes Tim Henwood
4 July 2014

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Google Play recently made a change to the way it handles permissions when you download a new app. Permissions, in app speak, show you what parts of your Android phone the app will have access to. Whether it’s data - like your phone numbers; or hardware - like being able to play sound through your speakers, or access your GPS location, these permissions are generally necessary to help the app run.

Yo Tim Henwood
26 June 2014


Yo - an app so deceptively simple it is regularly dismissed as stupid or pointless - has been headlining the web’s tech news pages recently. For those that aren’t up to speed, Yo allows you to send a one-word message to friends who you have added on Yo. (Guess what that one word message is!)