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Viewing entries tagged with 'privacy'

Including privacy in a modern constitution Joy Liddicoat
13 December 2017

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A recent project of Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler proposes “a modern constitution that is easy to understand, reflects New Zealand’s identity and nationhood, protects rights and liberties, and prevents governments from abusing power”.

Privacy and the Kiwi summer holiday Joy Liddicoat
19 January 2016

beach holiday

As the working year gets underway, I’m holding on to that summer feeling of long hot days by the beach, walks in the bush, swims in the river, kayaking in the surf and enjoying fresh fish and new season corn for dinner. Far from city life, with few people around and everyone pretty relaxed, you could be forgiven for thinking you don’t need to worry about your privacy, especially privacy online.

Notes from the Identity Conference Charles Mabbett
5 June 2015

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The 2015 Identity Conference began with Deputy Prime Minister Bill English calling for more permissive privacy settings in information sharing across the public sector. It ended 36 hours later with applause and a call for beers.

What do we lose if we lose our privacy? Becci Whitton
27 February 2015

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Privacy is important. Privacy is not just about hiding things; it’s fundamentally about having control over who the world thinks you are. Loss of privacy can result in very real harm to individuals, ranging from embarrassment to identity theft.

Privacy in 2015: timing is everything Joy Liddicoat
10 February 2015

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The Internet of Things, drones, dash cams, credit reporting, and care before you share images - it’s been a fast start to privacy in 2015. This is a critical time for those working to protect and promote privacy: human rights defenders, privacy organisations, public sector agencies, the private sector, the technical community and many more.

Making the future Tim Henwood
17 December 2014

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Today we’re releasing our strategy on how we’ll approach technology issues over the next three to five years. We’re going to try and make privacy easy, and we’re going to motivate businesses to take privacy seriously.

Some observations on surveillance Blair Stewart
20 November 2014

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Surveillance and privacy is a heady mix. So much has been happening in that space before and since Edward Snowden’s revelations that it can be hard to keep track of the twists and turns and to see the big picture of the issues.

Can 'big data' be principled? Blair Stewart
8 September 2014

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Some privacy commentators consider ‘big data’ to be a newspeak phrase that attempts to repackage older familiar terms like ‘personal information’ in a way that reframes the concept and limits the way people think about the privacy issues.