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Forums and seminars

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner held the first ever Privacy Research Symposium to showcase the results of the first completed round of the Privacy Good Research Fund 2015 projects. 

The four OPC-funded independent privacy research projects were each presented at the symposium at the University of Auckland School of Business on 15 December 2016. You can read the final project reports here.

Presentations and resources

The presentations are available to view on our YouTube channel.

You can also see the slides from all the presentations here.

Symposium programme

The complete programme of the Privacy Research Symposium on 15 December 2016 is still available here.

Speaker profiles

Kayla Stewart has a background in the fields of sociology and law and enjoys undertaking research where these two fields intersect. She is passionate about social justice and social responsibility. Kayla is employed as a researcher at the University of Otago Legal Issues Centre: Te Pokapū Take Ture – a socio-legal research centre examining issues around access to New Zealand’s justice system. She is also assisting on a pilot project of a women’s sexual violence prevention programme for university halls of residence. ​

View Kayla Stewart's slide presentation here.

Dr Léonie Walker is a health researcher working as principal researcher with the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Nursing and Midwifery, Victoria University of Wellington. Leonie’s background is in applied immunology, health promotion and academic university research and teaching. Now leading leading a varied, collaborative programme focusing on nursing workforce research, Léonie holds a Biology degree, an MSc in Immunology, a masters degree in Health Science (health promotion) and an Immunology PhD.

Dr Jill Clendon is a registered nurse working as nursing policy adviser and researcher for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. Jill has a background in nursing education, teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. She has specific interests in primary health care and nursing workforce issues. Jill’s primary research focus is on workforce retention issues and the health of nurses. Jill holds a PhD in Nursing, a Masters of Philosophy in Nursing, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies, a Diploma of Comprehensive Nursing and a Diploma in Career Guidance Counselling.

View Léonie Walker and Jill Clendon's slide presentation here.

Isobel Cairns holds a first class Honours Degree in Philosophy and a Graduate Diploma of Science in Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington. She completed her Master of Public Health at the University of Auckland in 2016, with a thesis focusing on the ethical judgments made by health social workers when recording sensitive information in shared records. Her research interests include public health and applied ethics, the philosophy of mental health, and ethical issues relating to computers and information technology.

View Isobel Cairns' slide presentation here.

Monique Jonas is a Senior Lecturer in ethics at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. She is the Director of the Bachelor of Health Sciences, and has a Doctorate in Medical Ethics from Kings College London. Her research focuses on topics in bioethics, and questions relating to the role of the state in the family, and decision-making for children. She has been a member of the National Health Committee, and is a new member of the National Ethics Advisory Committee.

Katharine Wallis is an Auckland general practitioner and a senior lecturer in the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care at the University of Auckland. Katharine developed an interest in health information privacy while studying for the degree of Master of Bioethics and Health Law at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Katharine’s other research interests include patient safety in primary care, safer prescribing for older people, and medical professional regulation. Katharine is currently a member of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, the Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee, the NZMA ethics committee, and the Maternal Mortality Working Group.

Dr Sivadon is a Researcher Fellow working for STRATUS, the cyber security project funded by MBIE, at the University of Waikato. He is also the Principal Investigator for two research projects funded by InternetNZ and the Office of Privacy Commissioner, respectively. He received his PhD degree in computer engineering from the Nanyang Technological University. Before pursuing the PhD, he worked in Sun Microsystems as a consultant and Thai universities as a computer science lecturer. He joined several R&D projects such as cloud computing projects funded by Singapore’s A*STAR and cyber security projects funded by Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

Dr Ryan Ko is Head of Cyber Security Lab at the University of Waikato. He serves as Science Leader of the $12.2 million MBIE-funded STRATUS research, Affiliate Faculty Member at Idaho State University and Asia Pacific Research Advisor at Cloud Security Alliance. Recipient of the 2015 (ISC)2 Information Security Leadership Award, he established New Zealand's first dedicated Cyber Security Lab and Master of Cyber Security. He contributes to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27, co-established the (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification, and serves in several industry boards. He co-created the Data Privacy Matrix – a global alignment of data privacy legislation.

Alison Rahn is a practising sex therapist based in Australia. She also has 20 years’ experience as an architect. She is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of New England. Her research project , 'Baby Boomer Sexuality: Exploring the Wants, Needs and Available Options for Partnered Individuals and Couples in Australian Residential Aged Care' is gathering data on the sexual and intimacy needs of partnered baby boomers and their expectations of residential aged care, should they become future customers. Several journal articles have already been published based on this research.

You can view Alison Rahn's slide presentation in the information about the Sexuality & Privacy in Aged Care Forum below.

Russell Burnard began his role as the first Government Chief Privacy Officer (GCPO) at the Department of Internal Affairs in July 2014. He leads an all-of-government approach to privacy, and is responsible for four main functions: providing leadership, building capability, assurance and engagement with key stakeholders. He has previously been the change manager with the NZ Transport Agency. Before this Russell had a long career delivering regulatory and operational programmes in MAF, the Ministry of Fisheries and MfE. He left government in 2010 and established a company to deliver a biosecurity tagging programme for all cattle and deer in New Zealand.

You can view Russell Burnard's slide presentation here

Richman Wee is managing the Law Foundation’s newly created research initiative to adapt New Zealand’s laws and policies for the Information Age. The Information Law and Policy Project (ILAPP) aims to support the growth, understanding and resilience of New Zealand for future digital competence. Richman was the project manager and researcher for the Law Foundation-sponsored Human Genome Research Project ‘Law, Policy and Ethics for the Future’ that was led by the Faculty of Law at Otago University. He served as legal member and chair of the Multi-Region Ethics Committee, and was the first policy adviser for the Health Research Council.


Asian Privacy Scholars Network 5th International Conference

The Privacy Research Symposium followed the Asian Privacy Scholars Network 5th International Conference which was held in Auckland on 13 – 14 December 2016.

Sexuality & Privacy in Aged Care Forum

Presentation and discussion forum for stakeholders in the aged care sector.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner was pleased to host this additional opportunity for the Australian researcher Alison Rahn to speak on ‘Sexuality & Privacy in Aged Care Facilities’

The forum was arranged in conjunction with Auckland District Health Board, Claro and the Commissioner for Financial Capability. There's more information here.

You can view Alison Rahn's slide presentation here.

Her reference material is included below:

Date of the event:   Friday 16 December 2016 

Venue: Liggins Theatre, Building 16, Greenlane Clinical Centre, Auckland