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Forums and seminars

1. What type of big cat had its privacy breached when it was filmed mating in the wild for the first time ever?

2. What Australian government agency has become embroiled in controversy for chasing overpayments?

3. What government agency was criticised in a Privacy Commissioner report this year for its policy on collecting client data?

4. What US detective agency inspired the term private eye?

5. Which recently deceased rock and roll pioneer was embroiled in an ‘icky’ privacy scandal in 1990?

6. What incident in 1982 is the phrase “We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity” closely associated with?

7. What world leader recently expressed surprise at how little privacy he had in his new role? 

8. Which country is reputedly the biggest source of cyber attacks?

9. What watchdog would you complain to about a privacy issue in a broadcast news item?

10.  What does HDCA stand for?

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