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Further resources

International conferences of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners are held annually. They are attended by delegates representing data protection and privacy authorities from around the world. 

Below is a list of the conferences held since the year 2000 and some of the resolutions adopted or debated. 

38th conference - Marrakech, Morocco in October 2016

37th conference - Amsterdam, Netherlands in October 2015

36th conference - Balaclava, Mauritius in October 2014

35th conference - Warsaw, Poland in September 2013
Warsaw declaration on the "appification" of society
Accreditation resolution
Profiling resolution
Strategic direction resolution
Enforcement coordination resolution
International law resolution
Openness resolution
Digital education resolution
Webtracking resolution

34th conference - Punta del Este, Uruguay in October 2012

Cloud computing 
Future of privacy 

33rd conference - Mexico City, Mexico in 2011

Privacy enforcement coordination at the international level
Data protection and major natural disasters

32nd conference - Jerusalem, Israel, October 2010

Privacy by design

31st conference - Madrid, Spain, November 2009
Standards on the protection of personal data and privacy

30th conference - Strasbourg, France, October 2008
Privacy protection in social network services
Children’s online privacy
Protection privacy in a borderless world

29th conference - Montreal, Canada, September 2007

Global standards for safeguarding passenger data to be used by govts for law enforcement and border security purposes 

28th conference - London, United Kingdom, November 2006 
Privacy protection and search engines

27th conference - Montreux, Switzerland, 2005
The protection of personal data and privacy in a globalised world: a universal right respecting diversities
Use of personal data for political communication
Use of biometrics in passports, identity cards and travel documents

26th conference - Wroclaw, Poland, September 2004
Automatic software updates – amendment 

25th conference - Sydney, Australia, September 2003
Automatic software updates
Transfer of passengers’ data
Radio frequency identification

24th conference - Cardiff, Wales, September 2002

Mandatory systematic retention of telecommunication traffic data

23rd conference - Paris, France, September 2001

22nd conference - Venice, Italy, September 2000