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Further resources

Free privacy education

Our new e-learning privacy training modules are now available and free to use.

These are:

NEW:  Privacy ABC - this new module contains eleven scenario-based units which give a quick oversight of privacy in 30 minutes or less. 

NEW:  Employment and Privacy - our new module contains a series of eight units which will help employer and employee deal with privacy-related employment issues.  The units are:  assessing applicants; surveillance and monitoring of employees; social media technology; drug testing and biometrics; security of information; discussing information about staff; workplace disputes and end of employment.

Introduction to the Credit Reporting Privacy Code - this module teaches you everything you need to know about the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. The Credit Reporting Privacy Code deals with the information held by credit reporters. These organisations help businesses decide whether to lend you money or not, so it's important that you know how to make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date.

Privacy 101 - which covers all the material previously taught in our Privacy Act training workshops.  The material aims to introduce you to key concepts and definitions contained in the Privacy Act, including a brief discussion about the interface between the Official Information Act (OIA) and the Privacy Act.  It focuses on the 12 information privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act. 

Health 101 - which covers all the material previously taught in our Health Information Privacy Code training workshops.  The material aims to introduce you to key concepts and definitions contained in the Health Information Privacy Code (HIPC) and how they may be applied in practice.  It focuses on the 12 health information privacy rules contained in the Code and will consider how they apply in practice.

A guide to privacy impact assessments (PIAs): PIAs are used to help assess and mitigate the privacy risks of a project in your organisation (such as introducing new software or changing an existing system). 'A guide to PIAs' shows you how to assess whether you need a PIA, then shows you how to carry one out.

An A to Z of Approved Information Sharing Agreements (AISAs) - AISAs enable government agencies to collaborate and share data without intruding on individuals' rights or creating legal risk. 'An A to Z of AISAs' teaches you what an AISA is, how to build a case for one, how to develop one and how to get one approved.

Our e-learning modules are here: elearning.privacy.org.nz.

We hope you find these online learning tools useful. We would be delighted to receive any feedback on other topics that you would like to have included as future e-learning modules. For example, future modules may focus on local government, data breach notification, frontline staff, and positive credit reporting. If you do, please email your suggestions to us at:  elearning@privacy.org.nz

We also have guides to accompany our e-learning privacy training modules. These are additional resources that are particularly aimed at group learning sessions. If you want hard copies, they can be downloaded from the links below and printed out. 

Participants' guides - Privacy 101 and Health 101

Facilitators' guides - Privacy 101 and Health 101

Our privacy policy is here and the Moodle privacy policy is here.