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US vs Microsoft: Executing search warrants across borders

The New Zealand Privacy Commissioner has filed a submission in the United States Supreme Court in a case concerning the execution of a US search warrant to access information held in servers outside the United States.

Your Right To Know - an OPC advice sheet

Did you know that you have the right to know personal information that organisations have about you? Our Right To Know advice sheet helps explain this right.

Pointers for security cameras and drones

As the festive and holiday season fast approaches, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has produced a new guidance resource about security cameras and drones for home owners, recreational drone users and retailers.

Case note 285231 [2017] NZ PrivCmr 9: Couple says repair service damaged their car

A couple claimed a vehicle repair service damaged their car engine and were then denied information about what happened to the car while it was at the service centre. The couple said information about the car was personal information and they should have access to it. They made a complaint to our office. Read our case note on the complaint.

NZ website privacy notices could do better to inform users

A sample of New Zealand websites surveyed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has found similar shortcomings as overseas websites when it comes to informing users about how personal information is collected, stored and used.

Privacy Act amended by the Intelligence and Security Act

The Intelligence and Security Act 2017 amended the Privacy Act, and these amendments have now come into force. The amendments, and related amendments to three privacy codes of practice, take effect from 28 September 2017.