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Privacy News - 14 December 2017

Privacy News is the Office of the Privacy Commissioner's fortnightly newsletter. The 14 December 2017 edition is available here.

Case note 284190 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 11: Man complains about Automobile Association card information sharing

A man complained that his new Automobile Association (AA) card was configured so that it would share his personal information with a supermarket chain. He had been informed in a letter from AA about the new relationship between the two organisations. Members using their AA card at the supermarket chain would be entitled to discounts on fuel.

The letter said the first time a customer used their AA card at one of the supermarkets, their details would automatically be sent to the supermark...

Case note 287145 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 12: Academic denied request for 12,000 work emails

An academic who was dismissed from his university position requested all of his work emails from a 12 month period of his employment.  He asked to be given a computer hard drive containing all the emails. The university refused the request. It said the information amounted to about 12,000 emails and they were university property. The academic complained to our office.

The complainant

The academic said he had been unfairly dismissed. On the day of his dismissal, a...

Case note 273665 [2017] NZPriv Cmr 10: Couple says they were wrongly billed for childcare

A couple with young children complained to us after a childcare centre referred a debt to a collection agency, raising issues about the accuracy about the debt information.

The couple said they withdrew their two young children from the childcare centre because they had concerns about the way the centre was being run. They said it had not addressed a number of health and safety issues that they had pointed out.

The childcare centre required four weeks’ notice to be given when ch...

Privacy News - 29 November 2017

Privacy News is the Office of the Privacy Commissioner's fortnightly newsletter. The 29 November 2017 edition is available here.