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Your Right To Know - an OPC advice sheet

Did you know that you have the right to know personal information that organisations have about you? Our Right To Know advice sheet helps explain this right.

Trade Me firearm licence FAQs

The Privacy Commissioner has received a number of enquiries about trading firearms on Trade Me. These FAQs are in response to many of the issues raised.

health on the road

Health on the road

This document provides guidance for anyone taking health information into the community.

Advisory opinions

Advisory opinions are opinions that agencies and ministers can seek from the Privacy Commissioner concerning the application of the Privacy Act.

The process is intended to promote understanding of the information privacy principles and give greater certainty to Ministers and agencies in relation to the Act’s operation in particular circumstances. 

Opinions will usually be published on the OPC website and the relevant agencies named. 

" targ...

Advisory opinion FAQs

Why has the Commissioner adopted this policy?

The policy aims to show Ministers and agencies how the Commissioner would view the operation of the Privacy Act in particular circumstances. The policy also aims to show how the Commissioner would be likely to approach a matter if it were raised in proceedings.

Does an advisory opinion provide the ‘final word’ on a point of legal interpretation under the Act?

No. The advisory opinion will...

A quick tour of the privacy principles

Read our updated and revised 'A quick tour of the privacy principles' guidance which is on our website and also available as a printable document.

Privacy Impact Assessment Toolkit

A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is an essential part of many projects and proposals, and can be used to identify potential risks. Read our new PIA guidance.

Harmful Digital Communications Act FAQs

Read our FAQs about the Harmful Digital Communications Act which aims to deter, prevent and mitigate harm caused to individuals by digital communications.

Apps guidance

Need to Know or Nice to Have: Our guide on how can make app privacy your competitive advantage.


Our Frequently Asked Questions on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), a United States law that takes effect for New Zealand tax purposes on 1 July 2014.

Finding other people’s personal information

Here's what to do when you find information that is not yours. You may have been sent it by mistake or discovered it but the important thing is how to return it.

Health Privacy Toolkit

This toolkit pulls all our guidance material for managing health information together in one convenient place.

Keep your Information safe

This is a set of five advice cards to help people keep their information safe. We hope these cards will be helpful for people of all ages in our communities.

This page contains the cards in both Word and jpeg format; cartoons that New Zealand community organisations and seniors organisations can use for free (all others should check with the cartoonist, Chris Slane, for licence arrangements); and also links to stories that may...