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If you're a business person thinking about using the cloud, read on....

Shifting to the cloud can make good business sense, but there's a lot to weigh up. One question that often worries businesses is whether their client and staff information will be safe if they switch to cloud services. 

We've developed a privacy checklist to help you to answer that question.  The checklist and its supporting material set out the most important privacy queries you should think about, and ask your cloud provider about. 

Why does it matter? Because whether personal information is held on your own computers, in a shared datacentre in New Zealand, or offshore, you've got legal obligations to protect it. Also, your clients trust you to get it right - and loss of trust is loss of business. So it's worth spending some time to think things through.

View the Cloud computing checklist for small business.

Download the pdf of "Cloud Computing - A guide to making the right choices".

Let us know if these resources are helpful, or if there is any other information that you need about managing privacy in the cloud.

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