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Privacy for agencies

The Privacy Commissioner awards the Privacy Trust Mark to a product or service which warrants recognition for excellence in privacy.  Find out what the Privacy Trust Mark is about and how to get one. 

Why have a Privacy Trust Mark?

Personal information is collected, stored, used, and disclosed by agencies all over New Zealand. Empowered by new technology, these agencies are able to provide an ever-increasing array of products, services, and processes that make use of personal information in new and, sometimes, confusing ways. It can be very difficult for consumers to distinguish between a product that was designed with privacy in mind and one that wasn’t, or a between a process that is run with care and security and one that isn’t.

As organisations collect more and more information, and the consequences of accidental or malicious misuse of that information increase, it becomes more important to be able to identify products that are outstanding in the way they handle personal information and manage privacy considerations.

What does the Privacy Trust Mark do?

The Privacy Trust Mark identifies products and services that the Privacy Commissioner considers to be outstanding in the way they manage personal information. While the Trust Mark applies only to discrete products, and does not ‘certify’ an entire agency, an agency can apply to have more than one of its products recognised.

The Privacy Trust Mark allows agencies to show how well they have taken account of privacy values in the design of their product or service. It allows individuals to engage more confidently with the products and services they buy.

How do I apply for a Privacy Trust Mark?

The Privacy Commissioner can award a Privacy Trust Mark to a product or service he identifies as warranting recognition for excellence in privacy. Agencies can also apply to have a product, service, or process recognised with the Privacy Trust Mark.

You can apply for a Privacy Trust Mark by downloading and completing an application form.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Trust Mark programme, please email trustmark@privacy.org.nz.