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Privacy for agencies

Authorised matching programmes are listed in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act.  You will note below that some legislative provisions result in more than one operating programme.

These programmes must be operated in accordance with the Information Matching Rules (Schedule 4) and Part 10 of the Privacy Act. We report annually on each programme's compliance.  Click on the links below to view detailed information about each programme.

The Commissioner periodically reviews operating programmes to assess their continuing justification for existence, as required under s106 of the Privacy Act.  These reports can be found here.

List of Statutes and Authorised Information Matching Programmes in Operation (as at 30 June 2017)

Authorising Statute

Operating Programme(s)

Accident Compensation Act 2001, s.246

IR/ACC Levies and Compensation

Accident Compensation Act 2001, s.280(2)

Corrections/ACC Prisoners

Accident Compensation Act 2001, s.281

ACC/MSD Benefit Eligibility


Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1995, s.78A

BDM (Births)/MoH NHI and Mortality Register
BDM/MSD Identity Verification
BDM (Deaths)/GSF Eligibility

BDM(Deaths)/INZ Deceased Temporary Visa Holders
BDM (Deaths)/MoH NHI and Mortality Register
BDM (Deaths)/MSD Deceased Persons

BDM (Deaths)/NPF Eligibility

BDM (Deaths)/NZTA Deceased Drivers Licence Holders

BDM(Marriages)/MSD Married Persons

BDM/DIA(C) Citizenship Application Processing
BDM/DIA(P) Passport Eligibility

BDM/MSD Overseas Born Name Change
BDM/IR Newborns Tax Number
BDM(Deaths)/IR Deceased Taxpayers

Citizenship Act 1977, s.26A

Citizenship/BDM Citizenship by Birth Processing
Citizenship/DIA(P) Passport Eligibility
Citizenship/INZ Entitlement to Reside

Corrections Act 2004, s.180

Corrections/MSD Prisoners

Corrections Act 2004, s.181

Corrections/INZ Prisoners

Customs and Excise Act 1996, s.280

Customs/IR Child Support Alerts
Customs/IR Student Loan Interest
Customs/Justice Fines Defaulters Alerts
Customs/MSD Arrivals and Departures
Customs/MSD Periods of Residence
Customs/IR Student Loan Alerts

Education Act 1989, s.128A

MoE/Teachers' Council Registration

Education Act 1989, ss.226A and ss.238B

Educational Institutions/MSD (Study Link) Loans and Allowances

Education Act 1989, s.307D

MoE/MSD (Study Link) Results of Study

Electoral Act 1993, s.263A and s.263B

Citizenship/EC Unenrolled Voters
INZ/EC Unqualified Voters
NZTA(Vehicles)/EC Unenrolled Voters
MSD/EC Unenrolled Voters
NZTA(Drivers)/EC Unenrolled Voters
DIA(Passports)/EC Unenrolled Voters

Electronic Identity Verification Act 2012, s.39

DIA Identity Verification Service (IVS)

Immigration Act 2009, s.295
Immigration Act 2009, s.300

INZ/Justice Fines Defaulters Tracing
INZ/MoH Publically Funded Health Eligibility

Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003, ss.120 and 121

Customs/MBIE Motor Vehicle Traders Importers

Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003, ss.122 and 123

NZTA/MBIE Motor Vehicle Traders Sellers

Social Security Act 1964, s.126A and s.126AC

MSD/Justice Fines Defaulters Tracing
Justice/MSD Warrants to Arrest

Social Welfare (Reciprocity Agreements, and New Zealand Artificial Limb Service)
Act 1990, ss.19C and 19D and Social
Welfare (Reciprocity with Australia)
Order 2002, Article 18

Australia (Centrelink)/MSD Change in Circumstances

Social Welfare (Reciprocity Agreements, and New Zealand Artificial Limb Service)
Act 1990, ss.19C and 19D and Social
Welfare (Reciprocity with the
Netherlands) Order 2003, Article 216

Netherlands/MSD Change in Circumstances
Netherlands/MSD General Adjustment
IR/MSD(Netherlands) Tax Information

Social Welfare (Reciprocity Agreements, and New Zealand Artificial Limb Service)
Act 1990, ss.19C and 19D and Social
Welfare (Reciprocity with Malta) Order 2013

Malta/MSD Social Welfare Reciprocity

Tax Administration Act 1994, s.82

IR/MSD Commencement Cessation Benefits
IR/MSD Commencement Cessation Students

Tax Administration Act 1994, s.83

IR/MSD Community Services Card

Tax Administration Act 1994, s.84

MSD/IR Working for Families Tax Credits Double Payment

Tax Administration Act 1994, s.85A

IR/Justice Fines Defaulters Tracing

Tax Administration Act 1994, s.85G

MSD/IR Working for Families Tax Credits Administration