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Privacy Act & codes

The code provides agencies with broader discretion to collect, use and disclose personal information in the rare event of a major disaster that has triggered a state of national emergency. In particular, the code will facilitate the disclosure of personal information to public sector agencies to assist in the government response to a national emergency.

The code promotes the vital interests of individuals in national emergencies by, for example, facilitating the sharing of information to help identify individuals who have been caught up in the emergency, to assist individuals to obtain essential services and to coordinate the management of the emergency.

This is the current consolidated version of the Civil Defence National Emergencies (Information Sharing) Code 2013 incorporating Amendment No. 2.

Other information on the Code:

Civil Defence National Emergencies (Information Sharing) Code 2013 including notes and Amendment No. 1.   The code commenced on 15 April 2013.

Civil Defence National Emergencies (Information Sharing) Code 2013 Amendment No. 2 - replacing Amendment No. 1 (Temporary) - commencement 14 April 2014.

Civil Defence National Emergencies (Information Sharing) Code 2013 general information.