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Privacy Act & codes

A summary of your rights

The Credit Reporting Privacy Code contains a Summary of Rights that sets out the rights the code gives individuals. The summary explains: 

  • who can access your credit report and on what basis
  • how to request a copy of your own credit report
  • how to dispute information on your credit report
  • how to complain if you think the credit reporter has breached the code.

Credit reporters must display this summary on their websites and must provide it to individuals in certain circumstances, including when responding to an individual's request for a copy of their credit report. You can also access the summary of rights in the following languages:


Attached is a brochure on the Credit Reporting Privacy Code which is best printed in A3 double sided format, for your reference.

Credit freezing

The code enables consumers to ask credit reporters to 'freeze' or suppress their credit file. Once the credit information is suppressed, the credit reporter must not share this with any new credit providers. This should make it more difficult for a fraudster to obtain new credit in the consumer's name, as credit providers will usually not grant new credit where they are unable to do a credit check on someone.

For more information on the credit freezing process, click here.

To help you decide if getting a credit freeze is right for you, click here.


Fact sheets

  • Fact sheet 1- Credit Reporting Privacy Code and Amendment No. 4
  • Fact sheet 2 - Credit Reporting Privacy Code and Amendment No. 5
  • Fact sheet 3 - Notification of Comprehensive Reporting
  • Fact Sheet 4 - Credit reporting 'freeze' : What you need to know
  • Fact Sheet 5 - What to consider when deciding whether to request a 'freeze' your credit report
  • Fact Sheet 6 - Overseas resources on comprehensive credit reporting and the transition to positive reporting