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Privacy Act & codes

In July 2011 the Law Commission completed a major review of the law of privacy which had been started in October 2006.

The project involved four stages, with publications at each stage. View publications associated with the Privacy review.

  • Stage 1 was a high level policy overview to assess privacy values, changes in technology, international trends, and their implications for New Zealand law.
  • The Law Commission also produced a miscellaneous paper, A Conceptual Approach to Privacy
  • In Stage 2 the Law Commission considered whether the law relating to public registers requires systematic alteration as a result of privacy considerations and emerging technology.
  • The Privacy Commissioner made a submission on the public register issues paper.
  • Stage 3 concerned invasion of privacy. View the Stage 3 report.
  • The Privacy Commissioner made a submission on the Law Commission's issues paper 'Invasion of Privacy: Penalties and Remedies'.
  • In Stage 4 the Commission reviewed the Privacy Act 1993 with a view to updating it. View the Law Commission's key recommendations in its final report. This page provides links to the full report and accompanying resources.
  • The Privacy Commissioner's suggestions for reforming the Privacy Act's enforcement, compliance and complaints machinery. The Privacy Commissioner made a submission on the Law Commission's Review of the Privacy Act 1993: Stage 4. See the Commissioner's statement on the submission.
  • The Privacy Commissioner issued a media release welcoming the Commission's final report.
  • View the Government response to the Law Commission report - Review of the Privacy Act 1993.

Other Law Commission privacy resources

In addition to the review of privacy, the Law Commission has completed or is undertaking other projects touching upon aspects of privacy. You can find out more about its latest work here.