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Making mobile app privacy your advantage

mobile 3Apps can gather large amounts of information about their users but apps often don’t explain clearly what information they collect and for what purpose. The Privacy Commissioner has released a new resource for businesses and app developers to help understanding of obligations when collecting personal information through mobile apps. 


Profile Engine deletion process is lawful: Report available in English, Français and Español

The Privacy Commissioner's investigation into Profile Engine’s process for deleting personal information on request has concluded that the process is satisfactory, complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act, and should be followed by individuals seeking to delete their profiles.

Online Data Safety Toolkit

app tap purpleThe Privacy Commissioner has published an online Data Safety Toolkit to help organisations prevent and deal with data breaches. This guidance provides tips to help organisations prevent common mistakes that lead to data breaches, and advice on what to do when they happen.



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Justice Sector Unique Identifier Code

Amendment No 3 to the Justice Sector Unique Identifier Code was issued on 21 July 2014 to make a small technical change (substituting a new definition of ‘offence’).

Exploring privacy over the next 25 years: The right to be forgotten

The Privacy Commissioner John Edwards' key note speech at Nethui in Auckland on 11 July 2014 is now available.

Private Word Issue 89, June 2014

The new edition of our Private Word newsletter is now out. It includes items about our new blog, Privacy Act reform, this year's Privacy Forum, our latest UMR survey, the Data Safety Toolkit; proposed changes to the credit reporting code and a bigger online privacy law library.

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