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Viewing entries posted in 2015

NZ's 'Adequacy' under the EU Data Protection Directive Blair Stewart
24 December 2015

Flag of Europe 2015 EU

There have been a couple of recent developments that are relevant to the status New Zealand enjoys as an ‘adequate’ third country under the EU Data Protection Directive.

The DNA swab that cost Police $2,500 Sam Grover
23 December 2015

DNA image

When it comes to information, DNA is about as personal as it gets. The High Court recognised this in its damages award of $2,500 to a woman whose DNA was collected and stored by Police.

When is a journalist not a journalist? John Edwards
22 December 2015

Typewriter image

Last week’s decision of Clifford J in the Wellington High Court found that in the context of the Evidence Act, Nicky Hager was a journalist in relation to the publication of Dirty Politics, and was therefore entitled to assert privilege under s.68 of the Evidence Act 2006. 

The Internet of Toys Tim Henwood
11 December 2015


While our fridges, toasters and socks are learning how to talk to each other, so is Barbie. While governments are finding new ways to watch what we do, how we interact and how we talk to each other, so is Barbie. And on Christmas day, while we are listening to our children run in squealing, excited circles, so will Barbie.

Being vulnerable Neil Sanson
9 December 2015

Vulnerability image

Being vulnerable is not comfortable. And having a stranger tell you that you are vulnerable, in a way you had not even thought of, can be scary. But when it comes to vulnerabilities in the website you are looking after, a panic response is not helpful.

My work experience experience Jacob Spillane
26 November 2015

work experience image 2

When I first was tasked with finding a place in order to complete my work experience, I immediately knew I wanted to do something with law and its practical application. However, Palmerston North only really had the city council building and a few law firms and that didn’t seem to quite fulfil what I wanted out of my 2 days of work experience.

Panic in Privacy City Tim Henwood
26 November 2015


Some of you will be familiar with Gartner’s ‘hype cycle’. The hype cycle concept is the idea that each promising new technology goes through a similar set of phases before it is widely adopted. It often starts with a hiss and a roar, scales the peak of inflated expectations, drops down into the trough of disillusionment, claws its way up the slope of enlightenment until it finally reaches the plateau of productivity.

‘Absolute discretion’ in immigration law Stephanie Lewis
19 November 2015


If a government agency makes a decision that affects your future, you might well want to find out the reasons for that decision. But the law will not necessarily give you that option.