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Viewing entries tagged with 'technology'

What we learned at NetHui OPC staff
23 November 2017


NetHui, the website says, brings together everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the internet. It's not a conference and speakers don't talk at you all day. Instead, Internet NZ’s gathering of technologists, humanitarians, educationalists and philosophers is designed “for the community, by the community”.

Making privacy tick Sophie Richardson
5 July 2017


How far can you trust a product or service with your personal information? Our office wants to create a way for consumers to know if they are using a service or product that will protect their privacy and personal information.

Life inside the Commissioner’s Office Abigail Vink
18 October 2016


It’s a month since I joined the bustling team at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC). What are my first impressions?

Panic in Privacy City Tim Henwood
26 November 2015


Some of you will be familiar with Gartner’s ‘hype cycle’. The hype cycle concept is the idea that each promising new technology goes through a similar set of phases before it is widely adopted. It often starts with a hiss and a roar, scales the peak of inflated expectations, drops down into the trough of disillusionment, claws its way up the slope of enlightenment until it finally reaches the plateau of productivity.

NetHui and the Internet of Things Tim Henwood
21 July 2015

Nethui white

The Internet of Things presents the internet-connected world with boundless possibility, but it also presents risks that we haven’t even considered yet. A recent Guardian article included the quote: “The scariest thing is that we don’t know what the scariest thing is”.

Droning on drones Sam Grover
6 July 2015


The ongoing adoption of drone technology creates a number of new questions about privacy. To this end, we recently completed our first drone-related investigation. We’re confident it won’t be the last.

Game of drones Charles Mabbett
21 January 2015

drone edit

Given the recent media interest in dash cams, the timing couldn’t be better to raise a related topic that has also excited journalists - drones. Technically known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones are becoming more and more common. They have even been described as the tractors of the future.

Dash cams and the Privacy Act Charles Mabbett
15 January 2015

camera edit

When a new technology grows in popularity, we inevitably get media enquiries on its possible impact on privacy. Last year, it was drones and so far this year, there has been a fair amount of interest in car dashboard cameras or dash cams.